Proofreading or Copy Editing - What Do You Need?

“Copy-editors get the raw material into shape for publication: they edit copy. When they have finished, and the layout has been created by the designer and/or typesetter, the work needs to be ready to go. It's like putting on a play: these stages are the rehearsals.


Proofreaders do the quality check and final tidy-up: they read proofs. They pick up anything the copy-editor missed and check that nothing went wrong at the design/typesetting stage. Proofreading is the last stage, the dress rehearsal, before the public get to see the result."

Courtesy of Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Copy Editing

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You’ve written your content and you have a draft copy that you’re generally happy with but you’d like someone to review the overall readability, sentence construction, consistency and accuracy, to make sure it serves its purpose.


This is the value of copy editing!


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Often referred to as the last line of defence before publishing, proofreading reviews the near-final document and checks it for any spelling errors, grammar issues, last-minute formatting issues, page numbering irregularities etc.

Proofreading is literally the last thing you need!

What I Can Offer

I specialise in proofreading and copy editing documents for people in business - either working in a corporate environment, self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

I can also help you with formatting your content if MS Word tends to get the better of you!