Helping people in business produce professional content with confidence

Are you bursting with creative ideas but worried that your spelling or grammar will let you down?

Do you have an amazing story to tell or blog you want to publish but you're nervous about making mistakes?

Do you want to focus on your content and not on your punctuation?

Do you want to share your website and materials with the world but you’re not confident that people will understand them?


If you’ve said ‘Yes!’ to any of these I can help!

I review content that you have invested your time and effort into writing, and 'polish' it for you before it is published or released. Depending on the level of polishing you would like I can either review it purely for errors, grammatical inconsistencies etc (proofreading) or I can take it further and suggest small changes to the words used; the layout of the text; inaccuracies that may be present and similar tweaks (copy editing).

When you publish your work, whether it is a document sent via email, published online or physically printed, my passion is to ensure that it is free from errors so your audience can focus on the value of your content and not on your mistakes.

Are you responsible for producing any of this type of material or similar?


  • Important documents*

  • Non-fiction books or guides

  • Company policies - health and safety policies; privacy policies etc

  • Website content, blogs

  • Training material, user guides, manuals

  • Leaflets, flyers, posters, business cards and other marketing material

  • Webinars

  • Presentations

  • Responses to Tenders / Requests for Information

  • Magazine articles




*Disclaimer - I am not a lawyer and cannot review contract documents from a legal perspective.

If so, I may be able to help!